Integrated Marketing Strategies that Deliver Results

KALA Digital Business is an expert media, design and digital marketing agency offering comprehensive digital marketing strategies and imaginative content creation, geared towards helping your business stand out from the crowd.

We specialise in all things digital, from responsive web design, compelling graphic design, right through to imaginative videography, SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Ads, E-Commerce, Branding,.. We can help design a bespoke digital marketing strategy to meet your businesses specific needs, consisting of one or a combination of the services outlined below.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy will identify and articulate the visions, goals, objectives and opportunities for your business and your customers. It is a full appraisal of where your company currently stands in terms of marketing and sets out a comprehensive road map to move forward.

It is a hugely important and productive tool, enabling your business to grow and allowing you to correctly position and distribute your content to your target audience across multiple online and offline channels.

As a creative design and digital marketing agency we have vast experience in creating and delivering innovative marketing plans across all traditional and digital platforms. From web design and SEO to PPC and social media, our team can help you craft a comprehensive strategy that delivers the results you want.

Creating Your Bespoke Marketing Overview

The first stage of developing a digital marketing strategy is to create a detailed marketing overview by looking at current activity and outlining the aims and objectives for your business.

This is a crucial step to formulating a complete understanding of your brand, business, marketing and priorities going forward. We usually undertake a workshop session at your business premises including all relevant members of your team to go through each aspect of your sales and marketing in detail. It’s a time to gather information and share ideas that will benefit you, your team and your business in the future.

After the workshop session we will create a report based on our information gathering and further research by our marketing and creative team. Detailing what you do and how you do it, we’ll also be able to highlight aspects of your business that are already successful and areas for improvement. We will provide you with a customer knowledge map which will detail how users currently find you, how they communicate with your company and their experiences when they make a purchase.


Creative Digital Experiences

KALA Digital Business is not a traditional digital marketing agency. We create unique digital strategies through innovation and creativity to get the best results for your company. 

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